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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Things I Love Thursdays

I love Canada Day.  July 1st - we headed out for our annual floral photo hunt.  July 1st always seems loaded with flowers.  Even though we have had very little rain, I was surprised to see what I did!

Of course, the first to catch my eye were batches of Prairie Coneflowers.  It's pretty hard to walk past this on a trail and not break into a joyful smile!

Bergamot - oh how I love love love bergamot!  They were growing high up on a hill overlook the creek bed.

So darn pretty!  Here's a closer crop...

Aaaah - there's just something about purple.  I find it so soothing lately.

Deeper into the trails, I found these pretty pink and white bells on a shrub.  I'm not sure what they are but aren't they pretty!?

How do these flowers grow without water?  These next show-offs thrive on dry land.  Look at the big bursts of colour!

I'm so glad I finally took an entire day off with my family.  The bees and butterflies were quite happy - they were all over the place.  The wild roses are just finishing up.  The Blazing Stars are done.  But I found something interesting!  Here is Blue Flax.

And here is Yellow Flax.  !  I've heard of it but never happened upon any.  I love that they were so abundant for my treasure hunt.  : )  I happen to love the background in this next photo almost as much as the flowers that are focused on.

Had you noticed?  I had my big zoom lens on and the backgrounds gave the flowers such an interesting feel.  I'm so glad I brought the big camera.  I've been entirely lazy all year, snapping quick cell phone pics.  tsk tsk.

Here again is a really lovely crop of some Anemones growing in the wild.  (I have lots in my yard.)

And some bells - you tell me.  Everytime I name these, someone tells I'm wrong.  They are so special and so tender, aren't they?

Well there you go - I have lots more but I'll save them for Sunday.

I hope you had a  * * * HAPPY CANADA DAY * * * !!  xo  I'm so glad we went out to enjoy our little part of this big beautiful country.  Aren't we lucky!!?

Have a lovely Thursday,


Terri said...

How glorious! I love blue and purple flowers, and the fact that they are wildflower is even better. So many different colors and kinds... you should petition for those prairies of yours to be set aside as wild lands... no development. (Or is that why there is a pathway?)
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Lin said...

Coneflowers are so unusual - wish we had them here. Brilliant photographs Monika - it is always good to find blocks of colour when you are out walking. Happy Canada Day - belatated - to you. xx

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Happy Canada day a little late. Gardening and packing for a trip. Love your photos of nature. Thanks for these. Love your progress. Good to do a little outside the house work?

Crafting Kim said...

Love your post! Beautiful photos. In the UK we call those blue bell shaped flowers Harebells :) I don't see them very often these days, such a lovely flower.

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