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Friday, 3 July 2015

A Whole Lot of Friday Finishes

It's Friday!  I am happily off to Handmade House.  I love working there!  It's the highlight of my week.  These minis have been fun to make - I always have a half dozen available there.  The fit in the palm of your hand at only a couple inches in size!

It's time!

The shows are on in Weyburn!  Fibre Art is alive and abundant there.  From yesterday until the end of August, that city is loaded with it.  Jaynie has everyone yarn bombing too since I left!  lol  Art Walk is up with all the folks involved at the many venues.  Check it out.  There are some super fabulous names listed there!

click to view larger

The group shows are all in place including Join the Thread at Signal Hill Arts Centre.  There are over fifty entries of 12x12" fibre art pieces at that location.  This is one of two that I put in to the show.  It's an art quilt!

Yeah!  I made some art quilts.  I made the first version of this for my good friend Kari who worked with me a couple summers ago.  Her piece is softer and a little more surreal, dreamy.  This one here has more solid colours and is quite vibrant.  I thought it would make a good eye-catching piece.  It's based on photos I took of a nearby herd a couple years ago.  I really adore the lone bison on the prairie.  In reality, there were fences and many, many of the huge beasts.

There you have it.
Have a great day!  If you do head to Weyburn or through Weyburn, spend some time.  You could make an entire day or two out of it I'm sure!  : )


Lin said...

Beautiful colours in that quilt Monika - love it. xx

Brenda King said...

The Weyburn venues are looking marvelous. I took three hours yesterday to admire everything and it wasn't nearly enough time. You can see an intro to each of the fibre arts' events on my blog: www.brendaswitwalking.blogspot.ca Jaynie's hard work brought all of this together.

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