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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Driving home from Regina on a hot day in June...

DOWNPOUR!  This is me, pulled over because it was SO heavy that there was zero visibility and my vehicle was hydroplaning.  My camera is set on sports mode so you can see past the rain as it holds still in the air.  The image was also brightened so you can see as well.  IT WAS CRAZY.  (The cows just stood there and waited - see them on the right?)

I took several atttempts to get back on the road, thinking it lightened up but it did not.  LOTS of cars, trucks, and motorbikes were pulling off the highway onto sideroads to wait it out.

Finally I got my nerve and tried again.  We were under one big black thunderhead.  I drove for 30 seconds and was entirely out of it!  : )

THEN I had to pull over again to a side road to smell the flowers.  : )  Lush - and there were every colour.


 These were particularly lovely.

Up close in the sunshine.

I don't even think they got watered at all.  : )  Crazy weather.

Happy Sunday!


Terri said...

How do you ever get home? Love the photos. I can see a bunch of your thread paintings there... especially the one with the yellow flowers in the center and the purple dots behind them. OMG Just gorgeous. You have either the best subject area, or a really great eye... I think it's that last one. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

Lin said...

Oh yes, definitely some more threadpaintings there in your photos! Glad you got home safely. xx

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Urokliwo- nostalgiczne.

Jaynie Himsl said...

The canola is blooming now. You must have been a few days too early. It's pretty thin and thirsty looking though, not the usual solid mass of neon yellow.

Cath said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world.....despite the rain, it looks like a gorgeous day and I love your photo's....even the rainy one.

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