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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Snapshots

I am so refueled - captured so many beauties in just a short period of time.  I went out for a little visit to my friend Patti's.  It was the perfect day!  She lives on a very high point and you can see so far!

looks like we could sled down it in the winter, but it's really not that sloped

It didn't look like she was home, so we drove a little further and took the dog for a run.  LOVE this picture!  Look at that!  Yellow, Green, Blue!

Then back to Patti's.  My kids love to feed her horses.  Isn't this a lovely photo!  I have it blown up really huge on my monitor.  I love the focus on my daughter as she gathers hay, and then the blur of the fields down below.

The Saskatoon berries are ridiculously abundant and so, so blue!  I've never seen them like this.

Lucky for me - I took that photo while the wind was whipping, and I managed a clear shot from fairly far away.  Something was blowing in.  We were loosing steam and decided to head for home.

Above: I must threadpaint this.  The clouds - oh it looks so fake!  I love all the varieties of only green and blue.

Below: I must threadpaint that.  The purple blowing about is so darn pretty!  I love the windiness of that image.  It's so me.  If I stitch that, I just might have to keep it for myself.

Happy Sunday to you!


sherry said...

happy sunday to you! i am off to take in the tea/garden/quilt tour…stunning canadian summer morning here in vanderhoof…going to be a rocking great day

Lin said...

Gorgeous pictures Monika - lots of inspiration. Glad you are enjoying your day. xx

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