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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

That's a Good Question.

Where did I go?  I haven't blogged in 10 days.  THAT is a record.  Where did I go?  I don't really have an answer for you.  I didn't really go anywhere.  Oh wait - I did go over to Instagram.  Gee, talk about instant gratification.  Maybe they should call it InstaGrat.  I thought Facebook was wonderful for being seen.  Aside from being another time waster, I don't mind instagram too much since you can highly edit your images.  Often people post grainy or dark or sepia versions of their photos.  I think it's often dark.. but yikes!  It sure is popular.  Unfortunately, most everyone there has a weird, unrecognizable name.  I do not.  My name there is Monika_Kinner.  It wouldn't take the hyphenated last name, and so that's as far as I got when I logged in.  I'm not leaving blogger, but boy have things changed.  Flickr and Blogger are really losing viewers.  When you post a pic of your work and get 50 to 2000 likes on FB or IG, well... it's addictive.  Click - BING!  It's up on the web and hearts pour in...

Image with Instagram filters...

As usual, I've been making mini prairie threadpaintings for Handmade House, where I am still fully enjoying my time there.  I am excited to work three shifts (Fri, Tues, Fri) in the next ten days because the FRINGE Festival has rolled into town!  : )  Even after I moved away from Saskatoon, I always came back for the Fringe.  It's busking and street performers and plays and skits and music and crafts and food late into the night for over a week, right there on Broadway.  !!  : )

I've been stitching away to finish some more pieces for the grant project.  I am nearly finished another moon.  I want to say, 'Prairie Moon' which isn't really fair since the moon is seen everywhere...  But as a prairie dweller, there's a close relationship with all aspects of the big, unrestricted sky.  Sometimes at night, there is nothing to look at but beautiful Luna.  So, here is my 'Blue Moon' in progress.

The Blue Moon is just a name for the second full moon in one calendar month.  It isn't really blue, but I wanted it to be.  So here it is... it's taken days to make all these eyelet stitches.  I'm so close to being done.  The hoop is quite big.  The yarns are everything from acrylic to cotton to silk.  Some sparkle!

Now I have a natural moon, a honey moon, a blood moon, and this blue moon.  There are many mroe to come... and they are all different sizes too!

I've been really into blue lately.  While dropping off art on Monday to Handmade House, I decided I couldn't stand it anymore.  I LOVE this bowl so much, and so I made it mine.

When I look at this bowl, I see a familiar landscape.  All my life, I've driven over that hill north of North Battleford, where all of a sudden everyone in the vehicle exclaims, "I SEE THE LAKE!".  It's Jackfish Lake where I grew up.  This bowl represents that point where you get to the top of the hill and can see that huge lake.  In the 70's when we didn't have air conditioned vehicles, we practically cried it out, laughing at the same time.  The outside of the blow reminds me of the farmers' land... and then up at the very top, it's water.  It's hugely comforting for me to see this bowl, and so I keep it on my sewing table.  Perhaps it will collect clippings of yarn?

*** May it never break ***

I think my summer will continue to be intermittent when it comes to blogging.  I'm getting lots done, and going to make some trips out to the cabin soon.  I hope you are enjoying your summer.

p.s.  Have you been to Weyburn?  What did you think about all the fibre art exhibitions?  Maybe I'll see you on Instagram.


Lin said...

Your Blue Moon is gorgeous, such beautiful stitching. I love the bowl! I am a sucker for handmade pottery, can't resist so I am not surprised that you couldn't. Maybe I ought to have a look at Instagram. Enjoy your summer. xx

Jaynie Himsl said...

I see a meadow of daisies when looking at your moons. Not a bad thing in my mind.

I love Instagram too. It's even easier than FB ,I can search by hashtags or it suggests people based on my followers and I don't have to be "Friends" with someone, I can just follow them and comment if I wish.

Margaret said...

There is indeed power in the visual...which we, as visual artists, appreciate.

But there is also power in the word. (And yes, in The Word, but that's not what I mean here.) Blogger...my online sharing home since 2003 -- because of the written word, more than the visual.

If our culture "dumbs down" to only the visual, we will be back to cave paintings for communication. A picture might paint 1,000 words, but it cannot be memorized and held in the heart in the same way that a poem or a meaningful phrase can be held.

P.S. Your penchant for blue (the stitch and the bowl)...Lovely! Thank you!

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