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Friday, 17 July 2015

Members' Show & Sale is Up!

Today marks the opening of a very different kind of exhibition at the Affinity Gallery of the SK Craft Council.  To celebrate their 40th anniversary, they have filled the gallery (and I quote) 'to the rafters'.  50 members have submitted at least two pieces each in every area of craft.  It will be an ever changing display.  Everything is for sale in the room, and as they sell, they can be taken home and will be replaced with a new piece.  I stopped in with my work at the point that Les & Maia had plenty already up on the walls.  SO much colour.  It's really great, a must-see if you are on Broadway Ave.

I have two pieces in there.  One is my Dimensions 2013 Threadpainting - which is entirely hand stitched with the exception of the sky.

She's Blooming!  2013  (click to view larger)

This is in a contemporary style dark frame with a wide white floating mat.  It just came off a two year tour.  It's one of a kind and full of a couple thousand French Knots.  Needless to say, you expect a higher price on this one because of the amount of hand work.  it's based on the view heading back from Jackfish Lake.  The hills in the distance (Table Mountain Range) always looked blue from where we lived.  If you see works of mine with that blue-grey on the horizon, that's the story behind it.  : )  Please click on the image and you should be able to view it larger.

The second threadpainting in the show is my recent one, also in a dark contemporary frame with wide floating mat.  It's based on the turnaround at the Grasswood gas station heading toward Regina.  The colours were inspired by the way the sky looked just after a tornado warning was lifted.  I've worked this one out before, however, this version is the largest I've done.

Storm has Passed, 2015

A big congratulations to the Saskatchewan Craft Council and THANK YOU for providing your members with this wonderful opportunity over the summer.  : )

You can see images of more of the pieces available from the members HERE.

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