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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Things I Love Thursday

Well, the smoke has cleared.  The days are hot and we've had a lot of rain this week.  The dragonflies are famished and so there are still no mosquitoes!  I LOVE THAT.  Some years are really bad.  Last summer we started with a lot of rain and the rest of the summer was pretty dry.  Farmers enjoyed a bumper crop.  This year it is the opposite - dry, dry dry... finally some rain.  I don't quite understand how, but the berries on the prairies are enjoying a bumper crop themselves!  Cherries, raspberries, Saskatoons berries...

These are black currants we've been picking lately.  I love the way they go through so many colour changes - green - yellow - orange - red - burgundy - black.  We cook them down to make syrop.  mmmm.

I love how this next image looks like a wreath!  These grow in the school yard across the street and we pick them every summer.

The baby ducks are back!  Hurray!  I was told that children were playing with the eggs around the pond and taking some!!  :(  Thankfully, they seem to have missed a lot.  There are a couple very large families being watched over by mama ducks.  I love that they are so tame.  The mama came right up out of the water with all her offspring and they hung out at my feet nibbling on the masses of clover flowers.

I love this place where we live.  It's so nice to sit by the water at the end of the day and just relax.  I'm also glad I brought my camera.

Cattails and thistles.

Enjoy your Thursday and count your blessing.  Never forget the little things. : )

1 comment:

Lin said...

Beautiful pictures Monika - blackcurrants were made for crumbles!! And I love blackcurrant jam too.Those ducklings are gorgeous. xx

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