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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Our show is up in Melfort now until the end of May.  I headed there Thursday and taught some classes in the Kerry Vickar Centre.  Melfort was a very easy drive and the people were all so terrific!  Ken Came up on Friday with his part of the show and we put it all together.  It was so great working with him and I think both of us want to try a little more collaboration.  For now, it is my art with hs.  The colours work so well together.  His pieces have a lot of grass motifs on them, and a local woman named Judy supplied our exhibit with pussy willow branches.  THAT totally made the show so much more interesting.  Thank you Judy!

I brought my Prairie Dress that was in Quilt Canada, and Ken included a feature ceramic glass-top table!  : )

Ken was really great at arranging things.  Hanging art from wall chains was a challenge for me but I think it ended up looking pretty great.  There was a huge conference at the centre and we got a lot of visitors. from all over.

pottery by Ken Wilkinson

That's one one of my favourite photos, above.  : )

Our show will be in the Melfort newspaper on Tuesday.  We were interviewed by a journalist who took some photos as well.  When I arrived on Friday morning to wait for her to arrive, a large school group came in for a tour.  That was great timing!  I had several pieces of pottery in place with my work so the children did a question and answer about the pieces and the art forms.  It was really fun!

Embroidery by Monika Kinner-Whalen / Pottery bu Ken Wilkinson

Meeting some quilters and artists for classes was great.  Postcards was particularly fun because it was so playful.  The theme was, 'My Favourite Season' and YES, two people picked 'winter'.  : )  By the time I taught my Threadpainting Class on Saturday, I had come down with such a cold and lost my voice.  So - I taught by whispering.  I feel really bad about that, but at least no one can say I talked too much!  : )  It was a small group in a quiet room so it was manageable.

between here and Melfort

The drive home last night was gorgeous.  The spring clouds were all over the place, making us on the earth seem so small.  It is a big, big sky indeed.

Thank you to my friend Peggy (coincidentally, Melfort's Citizen of the Year) for having me stay with you and your husband over the weekend.  Thank you to the women who came to the workshops!  That was so fun.  Thank you to the centre for being so accommodating.  Most of all, THANK YOU to Ken Wilkinson for joining me for this exhibition.

: )
Happy Sunday!

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