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Friday, 29 May 2015

Broadway Art Fest 2015

Ha!  Did you notice I had "art sale' written in the title of the last post, but I never actually mentioned anything about an art sale?  : )  Well here it is...

All day Saturday, May 30th in Saskatoon for one day only.  There will be so much art, your head will spin.  : )  As I said, I don't have a booth, but I did drop off more work with the Boutique at the SK Craft Council.  They now have 4 threadpaintings of mine, as well as 30+ prairie postcards for sale there.  Here is the latest threadpainting I just delivered to them.

I think it's so pretty.  I love the fresh green.  It's called Summer Grove.  It's 5x5" framed to 10x10" with a double mat.

813 Broadway Ave in Saskatoon

Now the Boutique has one smaller, one larger, and one much larger threadpainting in right now.  This one is framed in dark wood.

I hope to see you down there!  I might just pack up the kids and check it all out.  There's going to eb LOTS of art & artists working & selling on site.  I hear there's live music at 3pm too!  FUN

Have a lovely day!


Ellie said...

Oh I wish I could go, I'd love to see your work up close!

Terri said...

Summer Grove reminds me of the Municipal Forest in Superior Wisconsin. Lots of birch and poplar and spring and we were young there and the sunshine....Oh, I got sidetracked. Thanks for showing it... good memories.

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