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Friday, 29 May 2015

Art Sale, Garage Sale, Spring! : )

I love our city in bloom!  I love the heat though today is a tad cool. I have been doing gardening and yardwork.  It feels SO good.  I took a few days off and spent it outside.

The apple trees blooms have since blown across the yard and the lilacs are in full bloom, or full stink as some people say.  (Some people like my friend Joyce).  I love lilacs.  Thank you Joyce for letting me pick yours.  My house smells amazing!

The flowers and bees and butterflies and birds... everything is alive and so fragrant.

It seems from one night to the next, the sun is out later and up earlier.  Maybe I will be a morning person once again.

I have a garage sale announcement!  Our street, Crean Crescent in Saskatoon is having sales next weekend.  I'm not sure who all is participating, but we are!  Our neighbors up the road are running an ad for June 4, 5, and 6.  I will have sewing room clearance thingies, fibre stuff, frames, magazines, kids bikes, camping stuff, clothes, books, dog kennel, & more.  Likely my kids will have lemonade too, as well as Liam's Leathergoods, and Arwen's Handcrafted Earrings.  : )  Yes - we are a bunch of entrepreneurs!

***Please note - OUR house at 351 will be done by 11am or so on the last day, Saturday.  I have a threadpainting class to teach.  : )   Please stop by to say hi!

& the whole gang. : )

1 comment:

Ellie said...

We had lovely apple blossom on our trees but it's so windy here it's all blown off. Such a shame. It is a tad cold as well, its's kind of hard to believe it will be June on Monday.
You garage sale sounds like fun - I hope you enjoy it. :)

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