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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Out for a walk with my doggie to capture some more evergreen trees to stitch.

hanging, lush. soft new growth on a 30+ yr old tree. : ) 

in the park by the duck pond

That one above was edited to bring out the edges & depth of the foreground since it really blended with the background.  The next one is just too perfect - not edited one drop.  : )

across the road - not an evergreen, but so similar with needles & cones

As I walk, I say 'wait' and I stop to take a photo... then keep walking until I say 'wait' and take another few photos... Buddy is so used to it he just pauses instantly until I'm ready to keep walking.  He's such a great puppy dog! xo

whooooooooooo's a good boy?  WHOOOOOSE a good boy!?  lol

Have a terrific day folks!


Terri said...

Woof! Wait! That's such a fun story I read it to my hubby and we both laughed. We both miss having a pup. Haven't had one for 20 years. Guess we have to fix that at our next place.
Pictures are great. Love that droopy pine.

Michele T said...

Everyone is happy on a walk... It gives me peace of mind and I don't care if my 12 year old Buddy stops to sniff and/or mark a spot a hundred times, just as long as those black flies are tolerable we slowly make our way!!! I use the word "wait" too, although it is pointless now as my furry friend is hard of hearing! Great photos !!!

Valerie said...

Wonderful photos as always Monika!

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