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Monday, 1 June 2015

Garage Sales on the Crescent!

We are at 351, but there are several houses selling their stuff treasures.  ; )  Please remember that I'm teaching Saturday afternoon so we will be shutting our sale location down by 11am on Saturday.  We'll have things like:

Sewing machine, easel, & other sewing/fibre/crafty/art items I'm liquidating, 3 kids bikes, life preservers, dog kennel, portable massage table, camping items including tent and folding chairs, reno leftovers including 300sq ft of hickory laminate (have square reader for this), kitchen doo-dads and small appliances, toys, clothes for all ages, other pet items, frames, books and magazines, some tools & yard items, airsoft and whatever electronics I can get the rest of my family to let go of.  : )

We'll also have some plants, a cherry lemonade stand if it's hot out, my son's Leather crafts and my daughter's homemade jewelry for sale.  I will have new & 'clearance' art for sale as well.  FUN!

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