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Friday, 5 June 2015

And a Booth Too! : )

I'm so excited!  The Modern Quilt Guild in Saskatoon will be having their first official quilt show next weekend.  I am not a member but I do have some entries in with the Quilted Postcards section AND I'm going to have a booth there too!  It's fairly low key.  I plan to have postcard supplies stocked.  I'll have some of my new Modern Prairie quilted postcards on display for sale.  Yes!  You read that right.  I pushed myself to keep trying at the modern thing.  Was determined to not give up and what do you know?  I ended up with some real gems!  I'm quite proud of myself.  I think the modern police will approve.  lol   Here's a sneaky peek prior to stitching them.

work in progress...  these fabrics are way too much fun
What else?  I'll have some of my artcards for sale featuring images of threadpaintings.  I'll have sign up pages for future classes at my studio.  I'm donating quilting magazines to the guild's sale table.  I think they well be 3/$1 or something quite cheap like that.  My kids might just join in with their crafts too.  We shall see.  They have been doing really well with our garage sale so they might not have a lot left.

Oooh I can't wait!  One day only.

$5 at the door (12 and under free), Vendors & Concession, Door Prize

I'm not sure I'll have much in the way of art to sell there.  I just took in more to the SCC Boutique last week and POOF they are gone!  lol  I replenished my work there yesterday again and have to produce more for Weyburn Art Walk.  You folks are keeping me hopping alright!  It's awesome.

***Garage Sale Update - we are likely going to skip Saturday altogether.  Yesterday was BUSY and we sold most of our things.  Thanks!

okeedokee...  Off to clean my disastrously messy studio in prep for a Threadpainting class that's coming in.  : )  See ya later!

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