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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Things I Love Thursday

Hands down.

I love my nails.  I am NOT fashion conscious by any stretch of the imagination, but these are like mini quilts!  Right?  They look like little pieced half square triangles.  They are 'wraps' that are soft and sticky and fit any shape or length of nail.  My pal T.D sells them and helped me put them on.  I've seen lace, cableknit patterns, and some gorgeous florals that look like vintage fabric.  Too addictive.

The only downfall is that they are so distracting.  I can't stop noticing them when I work.  It's like my fingers are fibre art.  lol

I can't stop taking photos of them.  : )  Love 'em.  Thank you T.D.!

Happy Thursday,

p.s.  Would any of you be interested if I hosted a nail wrap party?  I'd love to support my friend and have her over to do this.  That might be fun for Mother's Day and we could use my studio.


Kate said...

I love your nails, and if I were not so far away, I would love to come to your nail party.
Does she sell them online?

Terri said...

Fun nails. Long commute from WA state, so I won't be attending. Take pictures of everybody's new nails if you do have the event. We would all love to see them.

Marianne said...

On the forum "Patch to Patch" they found it beautifull and are very enthousiast about it ..
they will be interest if the can buy it online
Marianne (sorry for my English but i am french speaking)

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