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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Stitch (UK) Part Two!

The newest issue of Stitch is out!

Stitch UK  Issue #94  April-May 2014

So happy, so happy!  I'm not sure if it's in Canada at McNally's or Indigo yet.  They may still have Issue #93 on the shelves.  This is issue # 94 and inside is a technique article they asked me to write to accompany the From Sketch to Stitch article.  I had no idea they would be in separate magazines, which is pretty darn cool!

I can't post an image where you are able to read all the text obviously, so i have blurred it out.  Sorry - no need to adjust your glasses.  You are seeing. it correctly.

So pretty!  I love this spread.  There's more on the next page but I'm afraid I don't like my images.  I had them colour corrected on my dying laptop last year, so a couple of them are incorrectly accidentally yellowish pink mucky and not nearly as vibrant as they are in person.  It's okay though - this spread makes up for it.  : )  Thanks again Stitch magazine!

This is really exciting for me.  I've been doing the threadpainting for over 5 years and have sold a LOT of work.  I run into people now that I've never met, but they know me for my threadwork.  It was so scary to try something new and worry about people walking away / losing interest.  I couldn't help it though - I had to branch out.  I was just feeling way too inspired not to.  It's been slow, but this year, interest in my handwork has really picked up.  People are loving it enough to take them home.  Some are asking specifically for the handwork.  That's a huge thing for me.  On one hand, it's so humbling.  On the other, it totally fuels me to experiment more.  I can't articulate my gratitude for the opportunity and support to experiment and spread my wings.

And if any of you try out the technique described in Stitch, I would love to see what you come up with!  I hope you enjoy the article.  They whole magazine is full of gorgeous eyecandy.

I only have one that came to me, but I'll let you know when this newest issue arrives in our bookstores.

Have a great day!


Seams French said...

Very happy for you. Congrats!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Thanks :)

Threadpainter said...

Congrats Monika ! You have made a name for yourself ... enjoy your success ;)

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