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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I love the moon.  I always have.  Since as far back as I can remember, I would watch her.  I would catch her light and play in her shadows.  I would see how she changed and notice that sometimes she would be up in the day, and sometimes not at all.  THIS might seem bittersweet, but it's the truth.  When I was little, and it was the middle of the night, and I needed talk - I would go to the window and she would be there, waiting.  She was never rushed; very patient.  I would tell the moon all my troubles, fears, and in her find calm and reassurance.  There's no drama with the moon.  She's steady, quiet, and when she changes, she does so slowly.  She's very solid and reliable.

As an adult, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to learn that moons and phases had names:  blue moon, harvest moon, dark moon, snow moon, honey moon...  And so these round hoops and eyelet stitches are such a perfect way to explore her beauty.

Luna #1 (detail)

I love how the eyelets remind me of moon craters.  I'm making moons in all different sizes.  This next one is the 'honey moon'.

Luna #2

Now I'm nearly finished the third one.  I just had to re-dye some silk to add a bit of orange to them to get closer to the colour of the blood moon.

I just have to add the glowing edge of this one, and then I think I'm on to something subtle again.

cell phone photo from my bedroom window

Happy Thursday,


Threadpainter said...

Gorgeous !!!!!!!

elle said...

Very cool moons!

Seams French said...

I love the idea of the hand stitched eyelets. Your variation in colours is very effective. Tres cool!

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