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Friday, 10 April 2015

Silk Ribbon Floral Embroidery Class, Second Time Around

Thanks Ladies!  Today's class was a really enjoyable.  Even though it was sun-burn & mosquito weather, a half dozen of us gathered in my sewing studio to experiment with the beautiful, sculptural qualities of silk ribbon.


Isn't that a cool action shot?

I had some silk, some linen, and some batik fabrics to work on.  Everyone in the class chose the batiks.  The way the floral experimentation popped forward off the cloth was really fabulous!


Nice work!  These images were not tweaked.  They were just taken on my point & click camera.  I think my camera loves silk.  I love silk.   I hope the participants enjoyed playing with this form of creativity.


Everyone was so creative with a few choice, versatile stitches.  Since this is only the second time around offering this class, it's new and being tweaked.  Today went very well I think.  I'll be putting together handouts and emailing them to everyone.  I look forward to offering this one again for sure! : )


Thank you so much!  The first women who took the class will be getting the notes as well.  Suppliers will be included.  

***Aren't these floral samplers beautiful!?  WOW.  : )

have a great weekend!


Bernie said...

You taught this class at my house but somehow none of us ended up with anything that looked this awesome! Maybe need you to reteach us all!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Hi Bernie, I taught beginner embroidery stitches then, and only introduced silk at the tail end. This is a new class - Silk Ribbon Floral Embroidery. :) All ribbon work. ;)

Ellie said...

Hi Monika
I'v not been to your page for so long!
You are right these are beautiful - I've not heard of silk ribbon embroidery, it looks like fun.
If I live near you I would definitely sign up for a class. :)

Terri said...

So beautiful. Sharing the wealth of your talents - and supplies... so good of you.

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