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Tuesday, 21 April 2015



I've been having a lot of creative fun in my studio - probably in retaliation to having a deadline for a new batch of threapaintings for the exhibit in Melfort.  The good news is that some of my creations are working out great.  The other good news is that I still managed to create a good sized batch of new threadpaintings anyhow!  They also turned out great.  : )  I'll have some of my Crewel prairie embroidery in the show as well as several surprises.

I am not sure if this will make it into the Melfort show, but I sure like it!  I did some paint - stamp - stitch with opaque metallic paint and gold thread on batiks.  I really like stitching with this gold thread.  I have a lot of it but haven't really used it much.  It's the metallic line from Wonderfil.  So far, so awesome!

I've also prepared a new stack of 2015 Wish You Were Here prairie postcards.  These are ready for stitching, though I might not get to completing them until May.

There are still a good amount for sale at the SK Craft Council (Saskatoon) and a new batch at the Mackenzie Art Gallery Shop (Regina).  Both locations have new threadpaintings as well for a total of 3 each.

I'm about to add the finishing touches so that they will be ready for framing and available in Melfort at my show with ceramic artist Ken Wilkinson.

I'm excited about that show, as I said.  I'm off to his studio this week to see what he's done regarding collaborated pieces.  I made him some cloth, and he used it when making pieces for me to be able to add fibre to once more.  Aaaah... mmore creativity.

If you look at the colours and motifs in his work, you can probably see why I thought our art would make a good pair.  I took this photo at his studio.  It's a cropped portion of a HUGE wall full of pottery.  When I was on the lookout for a pottery partner last summer, and I spied these grasses and landscape colours, I knew this was what I was looking for!

creations of Ken Wilkinson, Saskatoon

There's my little update, and a very minimal sneak peak of the 'Ceramics & Stitchery' show.  I'm so excited that this will be up for May.  Embroidery and Teapots sound just fitting for a show that will be on display for Mother's Day.  : )

Have a good week and enjoy the sun and the pops of green out there!


Andy Lloyd Williams said...

What a fabulous combination of pottery and stitch. I wish I could see it "live"! That gold work grass is superb too. Lovely post on your blog.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Heh Monika, lovely warm moon and grass. Love your new stuff!

Lin said...

That is a beautiful piece Monika - for me it has a Japanese feel about it! I love Ken's pottery - I am a sucker for pottery and his pieces are very covetable! It's going to be a great show. xx

AliceKiss said...

Потрясающе! Обожаю эти пейзажи! Вышивка очень красивая!

Threadpainter said...

Stunning moon with gold grasses !
I think you are the 2nd busiest person I know ! Can you send a wee bit of your energy my way 😉

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