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Monday, 17 November 2014

Another One Down!

I just finished this up!  I'm pretty happy with it.  It's a commission - the last of the small ones I have to do before the holidays.

It's based on a photo I took when the sun was setting to my right, and I was facing the other side of the river bank,  It was September and it was gorgeous at that moment.

There was a little walking bridge that I included.  The water was an orange piece of batik that I touched up with some coloured pencils, echoing the reflection of the darks and lights of the shoreline.  Then I put some of the water ripples in with a holographic blue.

Here's the photo from that very cold evening.  Mine doesn't look quite as dulled & peachy as I had my monitor set a little deeper and brighter to distinguish the colours.

view of Meewasin (beautiful valley) banks of the South Saskatchewan River

I picked my bright threads a little brighter, and my muddy colours a little more vibrant.  Now I get to mount it, frame it, and call the client to see what she thinks.

The next several that I'm doing will be very, very green and summery.  Perhaps that will inspire some winter art after the holidays?  : )

Talk soon!


HollyM said...

It's very beautiful! A little different and the colors are gorgeous!
Your client is going to love it.

Nicole said...

The amount of depth you put into yours is amazing! Well done on all of it.

Threadpainter said...

Your piece, by far, surpasses your photo !
Excellent job & of course your client will be over the moon !

Vicki W said...

It's much better than the photo!

Lin said...

Another stunning piece Monika. xx

kathy said...

this is truly stunning. Is this all machine work? Can't see where there may be hand stitching...

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Hi Kathy, thanks! The rails on the bridge and some tree trunks & branches are hand stitched additions.
:) things I can't get well with a machine. It is mostly free motion though.

Terri said...

Art imitates nature... but isn't exact. A photo is one kind of art, and embroidery is another... the best thing is that the artist is involved. Your art is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Monica said...

I'm sure the client will be thrilled, Monika! You have done a wonderful job with the light. Congratulations!

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