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Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Bestest Most Funnest Stitching Day EVER

November 15th was my day as Visiting Artist at the Childrens Discovery Museum, funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.  I'm on cloud nine - I had such a great time.  There were women, men, girls, and boys of all ages doing fibre art.  Inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags, everyone made a flag to either keep, or add to the long banner that will hang at the museum.  For many, it was their first time stitching.  People were pretty proud of their new found skills.  Just look at these beauties!

We used Yarn Darners and floss to collage felt, big buttons, and paper to the flags.  Even with all the works of art that people took home, we still ended up with a 6 metre long line of flags!

There were four classes throughout the day, three of which were very full.  We had wonderful volunteer helpers.  Everyone was so invented.  It reminded me of postcards workshops where everyone is given a blank fabric to do whatever their heart desires.

And then the fun really began!  I brought my bicycle in and did a little talk about "yarn bombing" but added fabric strips to the mix.  Oh did they EVER have fun with this!

This was something all ages could enjoy.  And seriously - check out my bike now!  I am so very proud of this, even though you can't actually ride it.  The front wheel will not move at all.  : )  So, I had to carry it out of the mall.  Several folks gave me the strangest looks in the hallway.  As I passed each one, I simply said, "I let a bunch of children decorate my bike!"  and each passerby burst out laughing with approval.  : )

my new pride and joy

But wait.  There's more.  Since the bike was loaded full with fabric and there was still another class coming... I had to come up with something.  This room I held the workshops in was in a shopping centre.  So I took one of the nearby shopping carts and announced, "This cart is so ugly.  Please decorate it."

They had a BLAST.  They wrapped that cart until there was no more yarn left in the room.  No worries - it was all removed before we left the building.

It was a good day indeed.  Creative.  Experimental.  Tactile.  And therapeutic too.  ; )

Thanks everyone for coming out, and thank you to the CDM for having me.


Connections Fibre Artists said...

Wow ... you have struck a mother lode of talent there ! These look fabulous ! Good on you for inspiring hidden talent :)

Kate said...

How wonderful for the children to be able to let their creativity loose! Well done, you.

Patti said...

Fabulous! Kids are so creative! Love your bike and the grocery cart. And the flags are wonderful. Glad the day was stupendous!

Rachel Biel said...

How fun, Monika! It's so important to pull kids into our art world and let them play with new ideas. Maybe I should partially fabric bomb my bike. Ha!

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