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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's All In Progress

Today I am finishing up the first big commission.  It's the view over Jackfish Lake from the little Meota highway.  This is a retirement gift, 8x8" that will be framed to 14x14".

There's a lot of hand work in it to get the shading I need.  I still need to add some foreground and fence wires by hand.  It's getting there though.  The 'ugly' phase seems to have passed.

Also - I realize I haven't posted good, full images of my home studio.  Here is one from the entry room...

It's the room of my dreams.  It's still a wrok in progress. We have window casings and entry room baseboards to add still.  But isn't the light terrific for a basement!?

The room is 24ft long by 13ft wide.  At the back there behind the shelf wall at the right, there is a bathroom.  It's awesome.  The far back door leads to the furnace room and storage.  The entry room on the left is the bottom of the stairs, and has chairs and a table for food breaks when I'm teaching.  There are 3 big banquet tables for the classroom.

By request - here is a couple 'before' images of my space!  (EW)

What else is in the works...  Right now I'm planning another threadpainting class which is full already.  We just have to juggle a time.

Oh !  I have a good friend who is heading toward a career in sexuality & health for women.  She found images of colourful embroidered vulvas in little hoops on the net and wants to have a stitching night - women only.  I'm giggling but fully embarrassed at the same time.  I wasn't even sure if I should blog it (oh what a prude I am).  But after I told her about all the rich batiks fabrics I have and the amazing fibres and embroidery threads, her excitement for this class was contagious.  So - we have a date set. She wants to hang her finished pieces as ornaments on her tree!  : ) I already told her she doesn't need to pay a class fee, but she had better bring wine!  lol

What do you think about that!?

And... I have some interest in a silk ribbon class.  I'll try to figure that one out too.  I have loads and loads of ribbon.  I'd love to get back doing that again.  I would have a couple spaces available there (Saskatoon, SK Canada).  It would be daytime and you can email if interested Monika@MySweetPrairie .ca

In progress - pretty much everything!  Linking to WIP Wednesday at TN&TN.


momiji said...

Wow--your studio looks fantastic! How wonderful that you now have the space to do justice to your always-exquisite work. Thanks for sharing!

Threadpainter said...

Fabulous studio ! Lucky you !
The vulva class reminds me of my year at art college ... down on the lower floor, above a doorway was my first 'picture' of one and I have to say that naive little me was blushing crimson ... and all around the circular sculpture was the 'c' word, written consecutively ... again my first introduction to that word ! Such a hick compared to those big city slickers ... lol ! My classmate explained it all to me. I would love to listen in on this class ;) Once you open that wine you'll have a hell of a lot of fun !

Terri said...

Love your studio - so pretty, I don't think I could work in there. I'd just be gawking around the whole time.
My sewing room is till in boxes - we've got the kitchen unpacked and the living room is sort of comfortable - like a tornado, hurricane and cyclone converged there. (So not a beauty like yours, but it will get usable one of these days.)
Sounds like you are having a party... I personally have never viewed those parts as Christmassy, but to each there own.

Lin said...

Great pictures of your studio - thank you. Enjoy the vulva class - and the wine! Will you be brave enough to show the results on your blog? xx

Angela said...

Your studio is amazing! Go ahead and celebrate being a woman and enjoy the class!

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