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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love fibres!  In particular, I love these fibres!

One of the class participants who came all the way from Manitoba had this amazing box full that she said she bought in PEI.  Looooovely.  : )  These curls are to die for!  She let me oogle over them after class and let me adopt this sweet little bunch.  ooh yummy.

I made up a bunch of new stash pack colourways.  They are yarns to dmc, silk ribbon to 12 weights.  I am really enjoying putting these together.  It's like creating paints.  I'm surprised how creative I feel when I'm making them.

I love this next one too!  It's threads and yarns from walmart to the the local kitting shops, garage sales and special hand dyes from garage sales.

Someone asked, 'what on earth do you do with that!?'  (They weren't a fibre artist.)  I suppose I cold be honest and say, 'ah... just stare at their lusciousness, then go put together more'.  However, the intention was to use them for embellishing postcards and little art quilts.  I've been selling them for a couple years now on Etsy.  Recently I made this embroidery sampler to show another method of experimenting with the different thicknesses, sheens, and colours.

These were Sorbello Knots that Margot Lindsay taught me when I first met her.  They are so wonderful.  I did a 'Jan Beaney style' experiment here and just loaded them up.  I chose to use thickest first, thinnest last.  I love how fun it is to try this out!  I want to try the berries colours next.

I want to try lots of fibre things next.  !

And - thank you.  Thank you to all the readers, followers, FB stalkers, and folks from near and far who sent their love and congratulations over the weekend.  It was really wonderful.  (Hello Miriam!  Your fabulous postcard arrived today!!  Thank you xo)

Happy Thursday to everyone.


Lin said...

Lovely fibres, lovely fabrics - it is always hard to actually use them when they look so good as they are!! Your packs look super scrummy and as for those curls..... xx

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Nice new blog look Monika and the fibres look like they'd be wonderful to use!

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