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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Openings and Opportunities

Saturday was awesome.  There weren't more than a half dozen people at any given time, but a steady flow came all day without a break.  It was so great to see familiar and new faces.  Pretty much everyone who came bought art - it was an incredibly successful day that way!  I don't feel guilt anymore about giving up the December show.  So, thank you for that!  : )  And thank you also to all those who sent a sweet message with regrets.  You all made me smile and I appreciate you so much.

Monika & Verna - she's only drinking pink ginger ale : )

I personally love the smurks on our faces.  : )

The interesting parts of Saturday were when two guests were really interested in purchasing some of my stash!  lol  I had some of my Etsy shop stock and so they had fun picking their favourites.  I had someone fall in love with a handstitched piece I had on the display table.  I hadn't planned for it to be for sale because I didn't have it finished / mounted.  So, we talked about how she would like it displayed in a wrapped canvas style with no framed.  I'll show you a photo once I have it all put together.  That was a nice surprise!  I'm glad she asked for the piece she really loved the best.  Another woman spied a prairie rug hooking on a lower shelf in the room and ended up going home with that one.  : )

On Monday, I ran a 4 hr Beginner Threadpainting Class.  There were 5 in the classroom.  I had capped it at 4, but I got an email from a woman in Manitoba who happened to be coming this way.  Of course I added her too!  What great timing.  I have a friend name Lauren from my mom's group who came to try it out.  She had never free motioned before - 110% beginner.  SHE DID SO AWESOME!  So I have to show her off just to prove that I don't need my students to have any experience whatsoever, and you really will amaze yourself.

There she is on my machine.  We had some issues with jamming on hers and so I wanted to get her going.  (p.s. Lauren, your manual was left behind here.)

And then I spent some time refilling stock for the Etsy shop as well.  The postcard supplies were dwindling.  I have yet to upload those pics but I'll do that next.

OKAY - on with the BIG commissions.  I have one more going to Australia, the USA, a couple for Canada, and even one headed to Africa.  WOWEE.  But for the moment, I think I am quite exhausted and will take today off.  I don't remember the last time I had a good rest and me-day.  Talk soon folks!  Thanks for everything,


Threadpainter said...

Congrats Monika, on a very successful day ... hope your me-day was enough !

Valerie Wilson said...

Monika I'm glad that you had such a successful day. I wish that I could have been there!

Patti said...

Glad the day was a success! So many lovely things.

Verna G said...

Loved you studio Monika! A little envious!

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