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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Day's Work in Progress

From now until the holidays, I have five commissions to complete.  Four of them are LARGE threadpaintings that I am extremely grateful for.  I'm starting (of course) with the commission that has been waiting the longest.  This is a retirement gift for someone who's family owns my work as well as my mother's.  I met with her briefly last summer and was so taken aback to see my work on the wall with my mom's!  I'm such a dork.  I didn't even realize it was hers at first.  I just noticed the large frame was hanging crooked, so I reached out to straighten it.  It was then that I saw her work!  I can't stop giggling about that.

This one so far is based on a lake scene.  It will have lots of greenery, lots of lush in the foreground, and a fence post as well.  First, I start with the base fabrics.  I colour on them a bit with pencils just to remind myself where I want things placed.

It's going to be much brighter of a field than this, but I think it needs deeper colours to back it up.  I keep my original image up on my laptop nearby to understand the perspective and colour changes.

Jackfish Lake - view of Day's Beach high point from the Meota Highway

I am opening up the water area a bit more so that it is more of a feature in the composition.  Otherwise, I'm ready!  I'm quite excited to work on this!  Here's my threads I'll pick from...

Then the machine stitching happens.  There's a lot of blending.  I'm excited to start the hand work.  This field will be full of hand embroidery.  There will be lots of blooms in it, and an old fencepost too.

The handstitching will likely take a few days, but I feel like I got a very productive start on it!  : )

talk soon,
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Sheila said...

Lovely work Monika !

Laura said...

I luv watching your work from start to finish. That's very generous of you. Can't wait to see the next phase.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

always a treat to see your work

Threadpainter said...

Great Start ! Your hand embroidery will be the crowning glory !

Lin said...

It's going to be lovely. xx

Nicole said...

What colour bobbin do you use? And do you switch it when you change your top thread?

Lovely as always.

Lorette Cole said...

Love watching your progress for start to finish!

sherry said...

i just smile and smile every time you post a photo of your thread…it warms my heart to know there is another thread addict out there...

Monika Kinner-Whalen said...

Hi Nicole,
I usually use a neutral colour and just leave it. My tensions are usually set so that the bottom thread does not show on top. You can use a similar colour and let it show for more variation in colour. Hope that helps.

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