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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days!?  Hmmm.  Doesn't that mean to relax?  Hopefully that will come in August.  So far July has been a whirlwind of activities!  I had a great time at Handmade House last Thursday afternoon, set up out on the sidewalk for a meet & greet.  The weather was perfect.  Thank you so much to the folks there - it's been incredible.

Between their Showcase Gallery and the work I've had in the SK Craft Council Boutique, things have been just hopping on Broadway!  I'm a little in shock at how much work has just flown out of there.  My goodness.  Thank you!!  But - my goodness!  The show ends later this week at HH, but I may have a few smaller things or hand stitched art remaining there as part of the regular shop items.  I haven't decided what yet.  My bigger feature pieces and Prairie Postcards will remain at the SCC boutique year-round.

So here's the fun stuff!  I went to the Battleford's Handcraft Festival over the weekend, but not as a vendor.  I went as a demonstrator.  It was super fun.  Again, the weather was perfect.  I took my ten year old with me because he knows how to run a machine.  At the demo site, I have threadpainting and hand embroidery set up with lots of samples and some work in progress.  For the most part, I had lots of conversation with the people who came by to see what we were up to.  Lots of the local stitchers and quilt guild came by.  My Highschool Home-Ec teacher from 25 years ago came out to say hello.  That was so very wonderful and certainly the highlight of my day!  She thought all this was pretty amazing and told me she would have to go tell my Highschool Art teacher all about my work. ; )

Alex Dillabough Centre, Battleford SK

My son though - he was the star of the show.  It was SO cool.  I had him set up with a pile of charm squares - 5" fabrics in bright solid colours.  We used cardstock for stabilizer.  When people approached him, he asked them to pick a colour of thread & fabric, and tell him what to draw.  He made two dozen thread-sketches on Saturdayafternoon - on the spot for people to keep!  He did it all 'freehand', drawn with thread on the sewing machine.  He blew them away!  

waiting for her Butterfly

He had children lined up waiting for on-the-spot sketches.  He had some adults make requests too.  He made a CAT bulldozer, a horse, a heart for someone's 40th anniversary, he made his name in script, drew dragonflies, butterflies, minecraft characters, swords, shamrocks... whatever the people requested.  We made a lot of samples and strung them up like a bunting banner.  It was very pretty.

One woman asked him, "So how long have you been doing this?"  He thought a moment and then replied, "well... since yesterday."  And she nearly fell over backwards!  lol  It was very cute.  ; )

* * * Later this week, I will be driving 4 hours south to be part of the Dog River Days Farmers' Market.  It's coming up fast!!  The folks down in Rouleau are so excited.  The Corner Gas movie is done being filmed now and the town is about to hold a three day celebration.  It's a very, VERY small place that has just been transformed back into the set of a popular TV series that ran for 6 years.  Some of the cast members will be there for the events and I am so excited to take part!

see more about Dog River Days on Facebook or google them.

While I'm down there, I'll be teaching a Creative Quilted Postcards challenge class in White City with some of the members of the Regina Stitch guild.  It is hosted at one of the member's homes.  I'm excited to meet them!

But wait - there's more...  The Saskatoon Exhibition is coming to town.  My boy and I will be doing more public demonstrations there at Prairieland Park.  We are booked for the evening of Friday, August 8th from 7 to 10.  I think I'll dust off my Prairie Dress and put it on display in the SK Arts Showcase, so please stop by and take a peek!  There's always lots of amazing things to see if you can't handle the rides.  : )

Enjoy your week!


HollyM said...

That is just amazing that your son can do that! And to be able to take requests! Wow.
What an experience for both of you togetherness. Quality time.

elle said...

since yesterday! What a hoot!

quiltergirl said...

I grew up in Manitoba. Spent most of my married life in Saskatchewan and recently relocated to Nova Scotia. I am enjoying your pictures of the prairies. Love the fancy designs on your sewing machine. Besides traditional quilting I have been doing slot of art, embroidery, beads, and fabric painting. Do you know of a Canadian shop that does embroidery and perle cottons in variegated or dyed threads.

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