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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love matching thread colours.  It's like playing I Spy.  It's a most enjoyable process.


charcoal / rusts

blondes / soft grey / a hint of smokey mauve


Then I start to 'paint'.

I call the the 'ugly phase'.  : )

I love the 'ugly phase' too.

I love the point where I am done the main threadpainting and move into the details.

I love how thread looks like grass.  I love how grass looks like thread.

: )  I will show you the finished version soon. : )

Happy Thursday!  I'm off to Regina / White City / Rouleau.  Looking forward to the fun!

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Terri said...

You stole my line! I was going to say I love the "Ugly stage".
What a great teaching tool to have an ugly stage and one each of all the other stages and one of the finals and the beginning photo to show students. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Love your blog! You are so generous to share how tos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monika, I'm following you since long time ago!!! Your work is awesome! Thanks for show us the step by Step! Marcela Szkarlat from Chile

HollyM said...

That Gary green is just the color I was looking for yesterday! I don't have it so I had to blend.
Have fun on your trip.

Regina said...

Very interesting to so how you start - I have a hayfield filed away in my memory and hope it will get me started with threadpainting.

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