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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Snapshots

And now, for something COMPETELY different!

My son and I did some hiking around on a relative's farmland thismorning.  Look what we found!  It's a graveyard!  It was fantastic.  It was no where near any road. 

First I saw one.

Then another.

Then another.

the photo is level.  fyi : )

Still more, and more, and MORE the deeper I looked.

I love how the vehicle matches the sky.

I thought they looked gorgeous!  It was quite a find.
I had so much fun taking photos.

The closer I looked, the more it seemed they had so much history.
So many untold stories!

It was a graveyard indeed.  Suddenly I got totally creeped out and wondered if those zombies would begin to make themselves seen and slowly walk toward us.  EEEEEK!!!!  I think I've watch too many of those Walking Dead episodes.  (shudder!)

All photos were taken from our property... just so you know.  If anyone recognizes the land, we didn't trespass.  My camera has a terrific zoom lens, and most of these were near the fence.


elle said...

I feel it! My favourite is old abandoned houses but this does it, too!

Denise said...

VERY nice! The only thing(s) that might come walking out of those car graves would likely be the tiny four legged kind, in the form of mice or ???

Lin said...

Thats amazing Monika - and you have never seen them before from your own land! Great pictures. xx

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