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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Water, Art, and some Happy Stories.

Bleah!  Anyone around here sick of the rain yet?  I feel like we've been transplanted to the west coast.  Oh my.  Is it ever wet & humid here.  I honestly don't recall the last time we were able to spend a day sitting around outside in the sun.  Just keep eating those Vitamin D's everyone.

Speaking of too much water - it's the one year anniversary of the big Alberta flood.  They have had water level warnings, but I think so far it's not an emergency.  Let's hope it stays that way.  (Sending love to all my sisters in Calgary.)

Spring Melt

Last weekend, friends of mine held one of many big fundraisers for the Oltumo Well Project.  They raised enough money to dig a well in Kenya earlier in the year.  Now they are working to raise money for solar panels to keep it going.  Natasha and her husband Salaash are organizing it along with their family members.  I met Natasha when I moved back here and joined a mom's group.  The community they are building the well for is her inlaws'.  This is her husband's family & village.  They asked for silent auction donations for the Solar Pump Fund Party, and so I handed over a piece of art that has 'too much water' in the hopes that they could turn the art into money, and then turn the money back into water over in Africa.  Literally.  I don't know how much it fetched, but an organization called 'The Better Good' matched all funds raised.  WOW.  I think in the end they did very well.  A big thank you to everyone who pitched in, and good luck with the remainder of the projects for this village.  How amazing!

i can't stop giggling about the little one in mid air!  see that??   : )

That poster event is over, but the fundraising continues.  If you are interested in learning more, you can check them out on FB or here:  http://oltumowellprojectkenya.weebly.com/

So - it's been busy.  The kids have just a handful of school days left.  I quickly put on my curator's cap and headed over to visit an artist at her beautiful nest near Broadway.  She makes the prettiest clothing including these skirts that look like cropland.  I have been waiting to hook up with her to tell her a bit more about the pieces I've selected so far.  When I did, I saw that spark in her eye!  The gears were turning.  We chatted for an hour.  It was a good visit.  I'm excited to see what her heart & hands create.  My deadline for submitting all the artists' names in to gallery organizers is drawing near though the show isn't until January 2015.

Back on the home front, we haven't touched the studio in a month and I'm starting to get anxious.  I was planning to do some major sorting and organizing of my studio throughout the month of June, but the Handmade House Showcase and the SK Craft Council Boutique has kept me hopping!  I keep wedging my body sideways into my sewing room, and gingerly taking large steps over piles of things in order to continue making art.  lol  Laugh if you must.  I just keep thinking - some day.  Some day I'll have a big organized studioI don't know how to do floors, ceilings, and electrical, so I wait...  I'll be painting, furnishing, decorating.

At Handmade House, all of the little thread paintings are once again sold out.  I made a small batch and offered them up on Facebook.  Thank you to everyone who waited patiently in line as I corresponded with new buyers.  This has been remarkable!  This week I mail them off to the USA, the Maritimes, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and even France is waiting!  This is the most recent one.  I went for dry, dry autumn.  I'll try some 'stop the rain' mojo any way I can.  ; )

There.  All caught up.  Stay tuned - this will be a busy July with more announcements!  : )  I'm heading south in July.


Molly said...

life never works out quite the way we plan - the studio building is stalled (my kitchen reno is still underway too, after more than a YEAR!), the weather keeps us indoors...but you have made some very beautiful things, and they are flying off to the four corners of the earth to bring smiles to prairie lovers....life is balanced, even if we don't feel we are sometimes!

elle said...

awk! and when it stops raining I have to get the lawnmower in hover craft mode to cut the grass that likes this weather! sheesh
Happy summer!!!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Hi Monika, interesting post, well you know the expression, make hay while the sun shines? There must be one about make art when it's rainy outside,

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