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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Going With The Flow.

Things are certainly flowing.  I had a little break making art for Handmade House and got to work making new threadpaintings for the SK Craft Council Boutique.  The copious rain and grey skies have been difficult, but today it feels like a sunny summer day.  Boy does that EVER perk a person up.  I feel rejuvenated.

detail of 'Spring Drama'.  Hand and machine stitching.

THANK YOU for all the interest in the minis.  I'll be making more.  Right now I'm finishing a large threadpainting for the Boutique.  I'm back and forth between the old studio and the new.  So look!  Here is the blocked off dining room where I create, and have created for three years.

Though it has no walls, it is a good space.

That doll:  I love her.  She keeps me sane.  She's magically relaxing.  She turns slowly and spreads creative calm around the room while I sit is creative clutter.  It's piling as I refuse to clean until I have a new place to put everything.  It's good incentive.

Downstairs, I have been mudding and sanding, mudding and sanding, mudding...




I am falling in love with this process!!  There's something amazing about building your own she-cave.  I smoooth over the cracks with mud.  Later, I sand it smooth with my right hand while I feel for imperfections with my left.  It is beautiful.  I love building my personal space and feeling every inch of the walls with so much intention and focus.

It's been forever since I felt so connected to a physical space.  Maybe it's because there are five of us.  Nothing is sacred.  Everything is shared.

It's quite strange to cultivate an affection for drywall.  It is somewhere to hand my art.

: )

I am linking up to WIP Wednesday (Work In Progress) at The Needle and Thread Network.  Have a great week!


Kate said...

Congratulations on your new space, created just for you, by you.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I adore that stitched piece Mo Kia...it flows so nicely.
if I need drywall done...I know who to call!!!! Lol
Have fun creating your space.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Hummmm.... muito para observar e para aprender neste pedaço de trabalho! Obrigada por mostrar!
Coragem com as obras do novo estúdio!
Um abraço!
Hmmmm .... so much to observe and to learn this piece of work! Thanks for showing!
Courage to work on the new studio!

Dolores said...

Love the piece you're working on and congrats on getting your own space. I leave the sanding and stuff for others. The dust created gets everywhere.

elle said...

ah,I have a couple of faeries dangling in my sewing space. :) Bring on the dust!!!

Seams French said...

At first glance, I thought that the first image on your post was indeed, a photo of the real thing. Beautiful photo, amazing stitchery! Enjoy your new "space in the progress".

Threadpainter said...

Hi Monika ... I, too, feel the same about my shared space at home ... nothing is mine anymore, even my sewing room has regular visits and raids by gr. kids.
I feel, finally 'at home' when I traipse off to a provincial park and stay there 'creating' for 3 weeks by myself !
Spring Drama is absolutely gorgeous !

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