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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love my future haunt.

I love black and white photos.  I decided to turned these into b&w's because it's all drywall and shadows.

Hehe... check out my pinky finger while I snap photographs!  lol

I love lamp.  (Do you recognize that quote!??  Tell me if you do!)

I love planning where worktables will go, and where my pale crocus peg board will hang...

I love that I will be able to teach here.  I really look forward the open house and having happy, creative women joining me to stitch.

Finally - I can most definitely say that I will love the moment when I can add some colour and lighting and furniture!

Super happy.

Happy Thursday.


Giddings Art said...


Lin said...

Excited for you Monika - can't wait to see it full of colour. xx

Terri said...

Fun photos!

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