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Friday, 27 June 2014

Finished It Friday

Finished - Grade 2, 5, and 9.  : )  And just in time, it actually feels like summer.  FINALLY!  These kids were outside from the time school was out, until 11 pm!  And when I woke up on Friday morning, some of them were already back outside.  They spent hours and hours making potions.  The started books too, and wrote out all the recipes.  I love their creativity and industriousness.

Stir, stir.  Chop, chop.  Add more... repeat.

Lovely!   : ) 

I have some potions too after this week.

Thread clippings, Yarn bits, and some cranberry cider.  : )

Have a happy long weekend!  Enjoy summer.  Enjoy all the festivals and the fresh air.



PrairiePeasant said...

Have a wonderful summer! Hope it is filled with creative pursuits for everyone, and a little R & R!

sherry said...

oh i remember those long summer days making potions…make sure you take those recipes and have them bound into a book for future wizards to use

Lin said...

Enjoy your summer too Monika - we have just had a terrific storm, brief but harsh and sadly had a split willow tree. What are potions please? xx

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