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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Snapshots

My SWEET, SWEET prairie.  Summer is such payback for an unusually cold winter and a way too long spring. We took a quick trip out to Cranberry Flats just before a major downpour hit!  FUN.  Oh it was FUN!  : )

A wind came up and the sky grew dark.

The prairie drama began!

The wolf willow is so darn pretty.  I noticed flowers everywhere - orange, purple, yellow, white, pink.  : )))  On the race back to the parking lot, I stopped at a gorgeous rose bush and snapped this as my kids yelled back, "Come on Mama!!  Hurry!!"

The thunder rumbled.  The wind slowed right down.  It got creepy-quiet.  I got into my van, shut the door, and WOOSH - it rained so hard!  Lucky timing Monika!! We couldn't stop laughing.  I couldn't even drive as the wipers weren't able to go fast enough.  We laughed and laughed and panted from running and cheered our good fortune.

It was the most exhilerating 10 minutes.  lol

Happy Sunday! 
(Sorry to those of you who are seeing this in your inbox on Monday.  I honestly don't know how to reset that feature on Blogger.  Will google it...)


Patti said...

Great post! Like I was there with you. I drove home twice today into black clouds and heavy rain. Definitely wild weather today!

Terri said...

You got some great shots and some exercise, too.

Kathy MacKie said...

Prairie delights, I remember them well.

Giddings Art said...

We see gorgeous skies like that here in Texas too. I loved your post! What wonderful memories you are making for your children! Your photos are beautiful!

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