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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love my dog.  He loves me.  It's official.  The adoption has been put through - not they we ever doubted it from the moment he came into our lives.

I always wanted to adopt.  I never expected it to be a dog.  ; )  I am the proud new mom to Buddy the Border Collie.  We kept the name that the foster family used.  The funny thing is how many strangers come up to him and say, "Hey buddy!  How's it goin'?" and then they ask us what his name is.

The doggie loves snow terribly much.  He rolls in it, dives into drifts, snacks on icicles...  He loves wind too.  I watched him stand face into the wind for a long, long time.  He had his eyes closed and he was really enjoying the sensation. That was beautiful to watch. (no photo, sorry)

I love the change to our backyard landscape.  I used to take such joy in seeing little boot tracks all over the fresh snow.  Now we have paw prints to enjoy.

I'm not the only one loving this new addition to the family.

Check out this love note that was anonymously left on the frosty window.  : )

Aaaawe.  : )  SWEET! 

Have a great Thursday.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky dog - to find so much love. I'm guessing he's a keeper.

Dolores said...

Congratulations. I'm sure Buddy will be very happy. I wanted to name our senior adoptee Buddy my son liked Baxter better.

Mary Ann said...

He has a sweet face :)

Christa Marcotte said...

I can't belive how much both your new dog and my pup look alike. We have always had border collies to help with cows and they are so loving and a great family dog! He will be your second shadow! We named our new addition, Timber!

Michele T said...

Oh my goodness.... this is the sweetest post ever!! You both are very lucky to have each other!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Vicki Miller said...

I know how much happiness a new canine addition to the family makes. Enjoy!

Vimax Asli said...
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