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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Work in Progress. 

Hmmm.  Things have really slowed down for me.  Puppy is like a new toddler in the house and pretty much lives on my feet.  I think he's sound asleep and I get up to go to another room and he perks up and follows me... non-stop.  LOVE.

Three out of five of us had the flu.  And... we are all getting tired of winter.  
I said it.

Down with the flu.  My view from the sofa for a few days...  waiting for spring.

I'm on the mend.  I did mount a whole bunch of work and sent it off to get framed.  That feels very accomplished.  I have some smaller things I'll do myself.  Now that the commissions are nearly wrapped up, I can start on pieces for Gardenscape.

detail of 'Jacarandas' in perspective

I have all the entries received now for the show I'm curating (THANK YOU!).  I'm happy to look at late entries so if anyone chickened out last minute, please send me an email.  I would like to find something with trains... that's one thing I feel is missing.  Maybe I will have to fill in the blanks later in the year.  We'll see.  p.s.  my email is:   monika @ mysweetprairie . ca

At the same time, I managed to put together my entry for the big "Prairies" juried competition in Edmonton.  I really hate competitions, and as much as I want to be part of that show, I'm feeling tinges of regret for taking part.  It's not them.  It's me.  It's 'competition'.  Maybe it's just normal nervousness.  You know - one winner and everyone else loses.  I realize that's not true, but that's how it feels some times.

So, to relax and get grounded I spent an afternoon with Elizabeth at her studio for some 'she' time.  I stretched some handwork, and did some drop spindle spinning.  This pack of art batting from MeinkeToy is going to last forever at the rate I'm going!

You just can't get tense with something like this!  I love it!

I haven't met with Jacqueline for spinning lessons yet.  I told her 'February' but we've been sick with the flu and today there is a snow blizzard.  Sigh.  I'll make it out there sooner or later.

On the up-swing, I am getting hired to do a four day long art classes for various grades at a local school.  I look forward to that!  On Friday I will be going on a school bus with a grade two class for a field trip at The Mendel Art Gallery.  June Jacobs and Gwen Klypak have a big fibre show there.  !! Soooo excited...


elle said...

The trees are amazing, Monika. :) It has been one blizzard after another. also amazing! :(

Vicki Miller said...

Gorgeous, Monika. You inspire me.

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