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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Saturday Stitches - Scroll & Coral

Hello!  It's Saturday once again.  Here's a small installment for Saturday Stitches.

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Here are a couple new stitches I did, but I have not yet applied them. The first is the Coral Stitch.  It is worked right to left.  PLEASE NOTE - on Aida cloth, it looks much more open lined.  An alternative name for it is the German Knot.  Clearly - mine doesn't look like a knot at all when it's spaced out in this way.  It's also called beaded stitch.  That would tell me that it should look more like a bump where the stitches take place, and not like a long fence.  I will have to retry this... (or you can!).

p.s.  The laced running stitches were shown before.  I'm using cloth wisely : ).

The next one turned out really neat!  It's called Scroll Stitch.  It's worked in the opposite direction.

It's unbelievable simple and I really enjoy the curls in it.  Very nice.  I wonder what rows and rows would look like in a field?  hmmmm.  Both would be lovely in a border for sure!

I do LOVE the detailed swirl it creates - like teeny waves, though from afar it looks like an evenly textured line.  I'm going to go work some more on these.  Thanks for popping in!  See you next Saturday Stitches, and feel free to pin the tutorials if you want.


B J Elder said...

I like both those new stitches - scroll and coral. They can be really effective in your pieces! Thanks for sharing them.

Mystic Quilter said...

Two beautiful new stitches - thank you for these they look beautiful

HollyM said...

Interesting stitches. I think the scroll stitch could be used in waves and the coral stitch I could see in fields when applied more unevenly.

Jo Ferguson said...

I absolutely adore your blog. Thank you for offering Saturday Stitches. It's great information and interesting stitches.

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