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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday Stitches - A 2014 Comeback!

Good morning!  I'm posting to let you all know that I will be continuing with the Saturday Stitches tutorials!  Saturday Stitches was a series of posts I started when I decided to learn formal embroidery.  I wanted to expand my stitch bank to have more options in my art.  That was around the time I joined the Bridge City NeedleArts Guild (Saskatoon), and the Embroidery Association of Canada (EAC).  It was also the time when I began stitching with Margot Lindsay.  As I learned each stitch, I posted them as tutorials where you got to watch me teach myself (and make mistakes along the way!)  Those tutorials evolved into the first Winnipeg class Come for Tea and Stitch With Me.  Now it's tweaked pretty well.  I've incorporated silk ribbon stitches into the class.  My hopes are to run workshops exclusively on silk ribbon embroidery.  I LOVE ribbon and use it a lot. So enjoy - I'll redo some stitches now that I have a better camera, and introduce a lot more stitches too.  (And * * * YES you can Pin any of the tutorials* * * .  No problem!)

You can find the original Saturday Stitches posts HERE.  Anytime, you can also click on the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the blog and find it there as well.  With each stitch, I try to show variations and applications.

The other thing you can do is type in search words at the top left of this page.  For instance, you can type in Sorbello Stitch, and posts tagged with that stitch will pop up.  *On that note, almost all of my posts are tagged with key words.  I have well over a thousands posts on this blog, so please help yourself and look around!  There's lots to read and look at.  ; )  Go ahead and try it out!  Any comments on old posts still come to my email, so I will see them FYI.

Talk soon,

1 comment:

HollyM said...

I'll look forward to your posts! I must say, I admire your technological no how! You've done a good job organizing your blog and I've just noticed the Saturday Stitches button. Did you make that too?
It's a real balancing act between, art, family and all the organizational stuff that goes with it.

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