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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Snapshots (& doggie photos)

First, some stitching...  this has been worked on very slowly, late at night.  I've been adding stitches for weeks now, using some yarns from Margot.

I've only been stitching now and then, late at night when everyone is asleep.  Things have been busy in the house with the weeks of -40C over the holidays, and now the new pooch in the home.  I will tell you that the commissions have indeed begun.  * * * Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I really do value your patience.  Creative moments are hard to force (hard?  impossible?  : ).  Anyway, I can't wait to show you more of these chunky stitches...  and I can't wait to show you what has inspired it!  Maybe that will surprise you?

Now for some puppy pictures...

Look at this baby!!  He's such a baby.  xo

Buddy / Baby adopted from Prairie Pooches Rescue. 

Seriously, we love everything about this guy.  He is so, so perfect for our family.  He has a beautiful coat and a very gentle temperament.  He kisses children when they are crying.  He never barks.  He puts his arm around us and lies his head in our lap.  He's house trained (bonus!)  He just started bringing us his toys and then he lays down.  Just like he's saying - here, have a present - I love you.  I am SO glad we adopted him!!  After three kids, I really did not think it would be THIS easy.

He soaks up love from us like a sponge.  THANK YOU to the adoption agency owner Brilyn for making such an incredible match!  We actually teared up on the phone.  He has made all of us happy-cry.  lol  He's even fine with our birds in the house.  There is not a single thing the five of us do not like about Buddy.  I am glad we waited it out for the right one.

Dog photos - that's challenging!  Most of my pictures I took on this morning looked a bit like this:

constant motion

People mentioned he looks sad and scared.  He's really not.  His tail waps his hips back and forth.  I think it's the wee little eyes.  And you know - dogs always look like they are happy when they are panting.  So here is a crazy-happy-dog face pic just for you all.

Good morning Buddy!!  : )

Apologies to my readers who would rather see stitching...  : )   When I see cats all over someone's sewing room, I tend to shudder.  (As some of you know, I'm rather scared of cats.)  lol 

Happy Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

I loved your dog; I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. One dog and the cat I adopted.

I love much your stitches.

Thank's for the pictures.



Lin said...

Love your beautiful stitching - scrumptious colours. Buddy is gorgeous too! xx

Sheila said...

Buddy is adorable , he has a kind face and I thank you and your family for adopting this little dog , it does my heart good to see a loving pet find a new home .

Paula said...

I love your stitching and Buddy is fabulous. Thanks for sharing all the sweet photos. We have two rescue pups so I have a soft spot for shelter animals. He's a keeper for sure.

Quilts 204 said...

Love Buddy pics. Can't wait to see pics of him in summer running through the fields and jumping in the river. Maybe even in some embroideries and postcards.

HollyM said...

The stitching is intriguing! Love the doggie pics. I'm happy for you and envious. He seems so perfect.

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