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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Snapshots


REALLY!?  I mean, REALLY!!!???

April 7th... it's S T I L L snowing.  !  ?

They are calling this 'the winter that won't go away'.  Sheesh!  : )  While shopping for groceries, I couldn't help but pick up a copy of 'Country Living' magazine.  My mother has every issue since the '70s.  They were strewn all over as I was growing up.  Something about this cover made me happy inside and I bought it (I'm such a sucker).

Country Living magazine cover

I stopped by Creative House after that to deliver art and buy some hoops & gadgets for the Hand Embroidery classes I'm doing in the near future.  I spied POSTCARD fabric.  !!  Have you seen this yet?

Postcard fabric panels

It reminded of the colors in the cover.  I bought one panel just for fun.  I plan to embellish it with some hand stitching.  Of course, it's part of a design line so I HAD to get some of this too...

!  : )  wow.  Postage stamps.  Actual sized.  Hundreds.

I am going to have fun with these.  After nearly 50 threadpaintings in 5 months, I am really looking forward to just poking around and embellishing with no intention whatsoever.

THAT inspired me to stitch what would really make me happy.  I don't know about you, but I am craving DIRT and the color GREEN. 

I want to smell it too. 

* * *  I might go buy a bag of potting soil and keep a bowl near my workspace like pot pourri - just to lift the spirits and feel normal again.

stitching out some dirt and life and green
: )  Happy Sunday!


fabriquefantastique said...

my goodness, you have been busy. Still a few flurries here in Toronto as well.3422 xshardi

Becky said...

Oh gosh, that snow is crazy! The bowl of soil idea is so funny, but hey, whatever works! You could plant a little something in it maybe? That fabric is so great! My local quilt shop in town Our only one) is up for sale, and hasn't been restocking much :(. Thanks for sharing!

HollyM said...

Yes, we've had the same weather issues here on the east coast. I've been painting and stitching tulips.
That fabric is so pretty! I used to regularly buy Country Living for several years. i haven't for some time but that cover caught my eye too.
Look forward to seeing your projects!

HollyM said...

Oh and PS, I'm planting some tomatoe seeds tomorrow. Bought the peat pots yesterday.

elle said...

snowing muchly here!

those stamps are too cool!!!

Patti said...

The postcard fabric is wonderful! And the stamps are cute too. I've had enough snow really. It can come back next Dec. Enjoy your soil potpourri! :)

Margaret said...

The postcard fabric would be great as a tote.

Anne Simonot said...

I'm in P.A. & I'm almost ready to put a bullet in someone or something or myself if this winter doesn't end soon. Not only does the snow not stop coming, it's COLD. At this rate we'll have had snow on the ground for 7 months by the time it all melts.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Winter is done here in Northwestern BC, but snow flakes do still appear, but melt away.
Monika, I love your work!!

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