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Friday, 16 November 2012

It's Been a Long Time!

Tonight is the 'Little Gems' small works group show and sale at The Mix downtown.  It's been a LONG time since I've shown my work.  (April I think?).  I'm really looking forward to this evening.  The little white gallery house is right off of Spadina Avenue at 24th street.  It has several rooms on the mail floor that are packed with beautiful art.  There is such a range with over forty artists involved!   Everyone was asked to limit their entries to five.  I submitted these three pieces.  Everything else I have was just a couple inches too big.

The Meewasin River Valley, 2012   3x9" framed (click to enlarge)

Lakewood 2, 2012  4x6 framed (this photo is pretty close to the actual size)

The above piece is framed in a brown washed barnwood frame.  The one below is in blue barnwood.  The photo is dark.

A Perfect Summer Day, 2012   4x6" framed

I framed these ones myself because I needed them right away.  Oh!  I have a little Prairie Rug there too.  All unsold work will go into my show at The Centre Galleries the following weekend until the end of the year.  (!! Can you believe 2012 is coming to a close!??)  If you need one last peek at the ad for the show, here it is:

I plan to be there Friday 6-9 and Sunday afternoon 1-4.

What to wear?  What to wear?  ...  : )


HollyM said...

Each one is truly a little gem! I enlarged them and gazed at all the details. I like how you used a varied width of zig zag on the bottom of the first one.
I hope the show goes well and you had fun at the opening.

Tara said...

The year is coming to an end which means you'll be in Winnipeg soon. Hurray! Have you considered stitching your frost pictures? That would be amazing!

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

Oh yes!! : ))) Working on a Jack Frost original right now...

Hey nice to see you here Tara. I too can barely wait for Winnipeg. : ))))


Kim Jamieson-Hirst said...

Have fun at the show, Monika! It sounds like it will be a wonderful event. As for what to wear - nothing too flashy so you won't compete with your art :)

dulcy said...

Your work is beautiful and inspires me! I'm a rug hooker and have been working a bit over the past few years with smaller pieces instead of larger rugs and mats. I'm getting ready to start a small winter scene. Hooking the tiny loops is a bit tedious, but I really like the results.


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your pieces are so lovely! I'm sure the show will be a terrific one.

Anonymous said...

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