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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I love sunny winter skies.  With the snow on the ground, it's even brighter outside that it is in the summer.

I love the low sunshine - it floods the house with warmth.  Everything sparkles.  : )

ice crystals on the window by J. Frost

I love visits from Jack Frost.  He pretty much rocks it every time.

J. Frost, 2011

Jack is quite the artist, wouldn't you agree?

J. Frost, 2012

I would love it if I could find these snow globes again!  Please let me know if you spot any.  I would like to bring more of these into Saskmade Marketplace this winter.  (They are photo holders that I put my art into last year.)

A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie

Happy Thursday.


B J Elder said...

Love the art in the snowglobe idea. What fun!
I would say that Jack has been busy making some very lovely frost already this year!

Mary Ann said...

Those globes are very unique. I haven't seen anything like them but I will let you know if I do:)

HollyM said...

Ivenot seen the snow globes; they are beautiful! I love the frost designs too. They're enchanting!

Margaret said...

Where'd you get 'em last year? Can they bring in more?

CitricSugar said...

Have you done any stitching on on these kind of frost photos? They are so pretty - I'd be currious to see how you'd treat them with thread...

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