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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Children Rock It!

I had the BEST time ever teaching kids on Monday at Creative House.  It was the first time I had taught children how to free motion stitch.  I was nervous.  I mean really...  This could be a disaster.  Needles would smash, machines would get jammed... imagine the chaos!  It's challenging enough helping seasoned adult sewists to learn how to free motion sew. 

Boy was I wrong.  

Boy did I underestimate them.  

Speaking of 'boys' I had three boys signed up for "Doodle with your Sewing Machine".  They were all being pulled from school to come to this Monday morning class that I had expected homeschoolers to snap up.  In the end, one boy couldn't come so his sister took his place.  The kids ranged in age from 9 to 12.

My expectations: It will take an hour or more to talk, show examples, guide them through converting the machines to free motion sewing, and do a demo for them before they can began stitching.

In reality: it took them 5 minutes to learn to convert their machines.  They spent the next hour and a half sewing and sewing and sewing some really cool pictures.  NO ONE BROKE A SINGLE NEEDLE.  No machine jammed.  No one had tension issues.  I did no instruction beforehand about coordinating speed of foot & hands... they just went right to it!  It blew my mind.  I went around and gave them tips as they sewed, adjusted some speed settings, and taught them how to pull up the bobbin thread & snip tails.  They were fearless.  It was awesome.

he jumped right in... endless ideas and no fear

I asked them, "do you know how long it takes for adults to get to this point!?  You took five minutes."  One boy shrugged and replied, "Ah... it's evolution."  Well then.  Maybe the little dude has a point.

whipped through pages - they didn't want to stop sewing : )

I showed them some Youtube videos of  'P. Nosa Sewing', which they loved very much.  He's a free motion doodle artist who tours and has a solar powered sewing machine that is also hooked up to a bicycle for power on cloudy days.  You should google that.

the snowman and his train of thought : )

The biggest difference I saw between adults and children was SO clear.  When the kids had trouble, they would stop and say, "what did I forget to do?" or "what did I do wrong?".  Then they would repair the situation, and restart.  When grownups hit a snag, they tend to throw their hands in the air and say, "something is wrong with this machine!"  : )  I think we could learn a lot from the children.



CitricSugar said...

That is the best kind of day. Awesome.

Dahn said...

I have never taught kids and your post is making me rethink that decision.

I loved seeing your class projects.

Thanks for sharing this one Monika, its great to see young men and women getting into some art..

LynCC said...

How fun! Yes, I've seen how freely kids/teens take to free motion quilting, without a care in the world. I try so hard to adopt that state of mind, but still find me holding myself back with worries of perfection. So silly!

Off to google those vids. :)

lej619 said...

What a group of awesome kids!!! They did a great job! Never thought it practice on paper before. And I, for some reason, hated to use a piece of scrap fabric. Lol
Thanks and I JUST LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!

Juanita said...

They inspire me. I just spent half a day practicing free motion and thread painting. Don't ask me how long it took me to adjust the machine! I guess I need to just take a lesson from the kids and chill out.

Tara said...

I love your comment that they were "fearless". I think that's another big difference between kids and adults. We're so scared we're going to do it wrong sometimes we don't even try. Imagine being scared of being creative the wrong way, but so many of us are. Thanks for sharing.

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