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Monday, 24 September 2012


Skills.  You know... everyone needs "skills". : )  Okay, so I'm quoting Napoleon Dynamite.  He's right though.  I happen to be teaching a skills class on Monday, October 1st at Creative House in Saskatoon just on that topic.  (Skills: free motion quilting skills to be exact).

one of my first attempts at meandering

"Free Motion Quilting Skill Builder" is a workshop where you can learn how to understand and tweak your sewing machine for good quality quilting stitches.  You will learn valuable tips to do free motion quilting well and with confidence.  We'll review tools of the trade, and I have handouts with lots of easy exercises for practicing... because you know, practice does makes better.

All you need to bring is your machine (with free motion foot), some thread, and some sandwiches.  Sandwiches?  Yes, Sandwiches.  That is: several 8x10" precut pieces of backing, batting, and top fabric.  Quilt pins & gloves would be handy too, but not necessary.  They do sell those at the store if you need them that day.

Please bring your sandwiches to class.  : )

It runs for about 3 hrs, starts at 10 am, and it's cheap.  $25 with no kit fee.  There are several spaces left in this class.  Call Wendy at Creative House to sign up (306.652.0455) if you are interested.


Ellie said...

I just wish I lived that bit closer - 'cause I would love to come to your class :))

Chiara Z said...

Me too!

Grandma Coco said...

You know that's still on my wish list. I also wished I lived closer.

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