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Saturday, 12 November 2011

- - - Saturday Stitches - - -

Welcome to Saturday stitches where you watch me try to teach myself formal embroidery stitches!  ; )

Today I tried out knots.  I did the Coral Stitch, which looks like knots spaced along the main thread.  It's pretty, though I think mine may be spaced to far apart.  I suppose it depends on the application.  Here's how it works.

It seems fairly easy.  I tried the Scroll Stitch as well, which I did right.  However, the diagrams in the books have the stitches much closer together to achieve a thick twisted look.  Basically though, this is how it's done.

Check out this other stitch I tried.  ... and tired.  ...and tried.  After four "fails" at the Bullion Knot, I stopped.  UGH!  It's a little too finicky for me I think.

pretty sad Bullion Knot attempts!  lol

Right now I have three sick children to tend to for the long weekend, so away go the needles.  ; )  I'm will be meeting with Margot Lindsay later this week.  I met her at a show I was in this spring, and then I bumped into her again at the quilt show.  (I got to show her my dress in person!!)  Margot is a local embroidery artist who wants to teach me stitches.  How lucky am I?  I think she has her work cut out out for her though.  hehe.  I can't wait to finally get together with her.  Her stitches are gorgeous.  You can see some of her work HERE.  I'm sure she'll provide better inspiration that I am can today!  Enjoy your stitches and your good health.  Thanks for stopping by!


Sequana said...

Pls be kind to yourself. That Bullion knot is the most difficult of any stitch I ever learned, and I've learned a LOT of stitches.

Besides, once you can do it fairly well, if you don't keep doing it often, all the practicing leaves your brain, and you have to start all over again.

I'll say this. It makes a beautiful flower.

Anonymous said...

sequana is right! bullion knot is difficult - keep practising! it'll will come....

Amy said...

Hopped over here from 3 Creative Studios. Loved your tute for thread sketching.

Bullion knots- Did you use a milliner's or straw needle? These needles are very uniform in diameter instead of tapering as much as a typical embroidery needle. Makes a big difference for bullions. And once you think you've got enough wraps, wrap it some more! Don't give up.

Good luck and happy stitching!

Ellie said...

Your coral stitch is really nice. Looking at the comments you have it seems as if the bullion is quite tricky, but I'm sure you will get it.
Hope your three children get better quickly - how unfair is that to be ill at the weekend.
You are lucky to be getting taught embroidery - nothing like one to one tuition. Have fun!!!

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