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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Here are my Sunday Snapshots.  I'm linking with my friend at  A Prairie SunriseShe is picking photo themes and I thought it would be nice to try that out!  This week, the theme is animals.  One of my favorite animals are birds.  We have A LOT of birds here in Saskatchewan (probably because of all the lakes & rivers).  Can you believe I don't have photos of our famous pelicans!?  Here are photos that I gathered which were already on this blog.  Enjoy!  p.s. I am NOT a cat person.  ; )

one of the Owls at the Saskatoon zoo

embroidered owls on my quilt!  : )

the humming bird in our back yard  (look at the feet!! : )

chickadees on fabric, soon to be transformed into postcards

Seagulls!  They are at every fast food parking lot in the city.  I took this photo at Jackfish Lake near North Battleford, SK.

crows in the schoolyard - remember this one?

I even put birds in my art. : )

I saw this hawk the day that I learned of local photographer Courtney Milne's death.

one last duck at the pond near our house... autumn in the air.

everywhere you drive, you'll find birdhouses on fence posts.

Owl boxes quilt. 

Canada Geese at the Forestry Farm Park in the City, not quite ready to leave.

Pippin, my lovely canary who sings when I sew.  xo

I love birds!  Here's the reason I am not a cat person... 



Sheila said...

I love birds as well, especially love to watch the birds of pray like the eagles, hawks and even the owls , incredible .I really love to feed the birds in winter and seeing all the beautiful varieties we get but guess what I still love cats too :-)

Christine L said...

What great photos! You definitely have inspired me to get better shots for next time! Loved your post!

Vicki W said...

Fabulous photos! I am also more bird than cat.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

great pix! Love the hummingbird and that is a great shot. You are right, you should totally get some of the pelicans though!They are so cool!

Linda H said...

Hi Monica. You've got some GREAT bird shots! Love the hummer at the lily...
I took a course from Courtney Milne a number of years ago, and was not aware he had died. Was it recently? Love his work.
Love your work too! Always great to "meet" another Canadian Quilter.
Best Wishes to you from the Maritimes...

Jake said...

I'm not sure but I think you like birds. LOL

Sharon said...

You really do have a lot of birds in your area! We have lots of hawks & I see the geese fly over every spring and fall, besides that we don't have many here. LOVE the pictures, they are so beautiful!
Thanks for linking up!

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