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Monday, 14 November 2011

Welcoming Winter

It's beginning to look like winter, but the weather has been so incredibly mild!  When it's snow and above 0C, we spend a lot of time outside playing.  I love to go for walks on fresh winter days.  Though it's too warm to skate outside yet, we did spend last night at the sledding hill in the dark.  What fun it is to play in the dark when it's only 7 pm.  : )

Winter at the Lake, 2010  (Sold)  One of my first postcards : )

In the winter, everything looks pink and blue.  It's a very different season from the rest.  And it's very quiet.

Winter Solstice Sunrise at Wanuskewin Park, Dec 2010

I know people give Winter a lot of bad energy.  This post is for those of you.  You hear it all the time, "I hate Winter", and "Don't you dare say that S word! (snow)".  lol  I love winter though.  It's a very magical time.

I just need it a little colder before I can go do this again! ; )  
I can't wait to sharpen up those ice skates.

Rosy cheeks, Jack frost, hot chocolate, fireside warmth, long quiet nights and bright winter days...  Enjoy it! ; )  That's the best way to get through it.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oh SO JEALOUS! We dont even do a proper winter here is oz! Andnow we are heading into summer! Ugh!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

That postcard with the blues and pinks is stunning!! Really captures the moment. And I have to admit I enjoy winter as well. The sledding, snowboarding, snowball fights... nights by the fire. And to see the dogs play in the snow is the icing on the cake!

Linda Coleman said...

Oh Monika, you are a hoot. I don't mind winter, just don't like the grey days we get here.

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