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Friday, 23 September 2011

- - - Saturday Stitches - - - #3

Today, I did not feel like doing this.  I'm so busy with my show entries.  I thought I had better 'get this out of the way' a day early.  So I took out my camera, threads, and embroidery books and stitched anyhow.  I am glad I did!  I made what I think are some really cute variations and I learned a lot about precision.  (I learned that it takes much practice!)  So take a look!  Bloggers can grab the button if they like.

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So here we go: the Chain Stitch.  Basic?  Boring?  Keep looking... there are some cool things you can do with it.

The Basic Chain Stitch is done much the same as the Backstitch that we did last weekend.  The difference being that you need to catch the loop to stitch it down.  With each stitch, you keep it right in or near where you brought the last one up.  You can also try this next stitch.  It's identical to the first, except you are putting the need in away from where you brought it up.  See?

It's s tough one keep perfectly straight, especial with this crochet cotton that is apparently shedding everywhere!  lol  I did draw faint marking lines for myself with a pencil to keep "on track".  It looks a lot like a ladder doesn't it?  I bet it would be pretty to lace a silk ribbon through.  Here's another thing you can do with the chain sitch.

I'm not sure I would use this again.  The loops slide around on the next stitch quite easily.  Maybe I should not have zigged and zagged quite so steep?  And here is everybody's favorite.  The daisies!  And look what else you can do!  Like my dragonfly?

Now for some variations.  You knwo I love threading!  IT adds so much texture.  Threading the basic chain is easy.  Use the blunt end of the needle.  Slip it under up, down, up & down.  Then do the same thing back again to thread the other way: down, up, down, up.  You could try using a second color too!

This is my favorite.  It wasn't in the books, so I don't know what it would be called.  I just thought the daisy's chains would look better filled in a bit more.  Check it out.  I love this!  I could do a whole loopy rainbow!

Ahhh, it got quite overcast while I was doing this.  I hope you can see clear enough.  Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY STITCHING!  ; )

who knows darn well that procrastination gets you nowhere.  : )


Anonymous said...

Big Sis Says: I am VERY, VERY glad you took the time to make this tutorial! Why? Because I feel the need to relearn hand stitching --- something I'm sure my Grandmother's, Great Grand Mother's and Auntie's all tried to teach me while I was growing up... if nothing else, then let these lessons be in their memory

Ellie said...

I'm impressed - you did this even though you didn't feel like it. That's dedication!!! :)
These are all lovely stitches. You make it look and sound easy, I need to practice - lots.

Sequana said...

Thx so much for these variations. It makes it easier for me to think out of the box.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monika.
You're a real trooper!
I often think what an effort it is for me to do things sometimes, and then I think of you with a husband and children to care for, and still you do all your wonderful photography and threadpainting, and teaching and, and, and......and then I quit feeling sorry for myself.
Thank you for giving so much, but remember the world won't end on the day that you take just for YOURSELF!!!
Joyce xoxoxo

My Sweet Prairie said...

Glad you are all enjoying this! I am enjoying it too and enjoying all I'm learning. I need to do this anyway before I delve into Karen Ruane's class.

Thank you for saying hi : ) And you are welcome Joyce. ; ) Since it's 30 degrees C today and not a cloud in the sky, the kids and I are going to the lake one more time and staying until dark : ) YESSSSSSSSS! : )

PrairiePeasant said...

I like the dragonfly variation! I'm working on a crazy quilt and I think I'll try that somewhere in it.

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