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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Snapshots #4

It's officially Autumn now!  Happy Equinox everyone.  I was so thrilled to wake up on the first day of fall to a yellow sky.  It's not really a clouded, colorful sunrise.  The sun was already up and the sky was fairly clear and lit.  There was just enough humidity in the air to catch the most beautiful yellow in the eastern sky.  There's a standard deck of tarot cards I've seen before where many of the skies are yellow, and I've always been quite fascinated by that.  Why YELLOW?  I've never forgotten that unique and strange sky.  I feel pretty lucky to have witnessed it for real right at home.  :)

Just yellow.  That's all.  Simple and different.  I like it.

Happy Sunday!


Ellie said...

I like it too:)

jackie said...

I look out for yellow skies now, but don't think I'll find one. Nice to see some stitching.

Anonymous said...

"Simple and different".
Sounds so comfortable :)

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