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Monday, 26 September 2011

Guildies Rock & A Cool New Product

I feel so lucky!  I got to go for a morning walk with my guild pal Kerrie.  I usually do this trek alone, so it was nice to have company.  I think I scared her a few times when I gasped and stopped dead in my tracks.  I had my camera with me and was enjoying the scenery too much.  It's an Indian Summer for sure- hot hot and dry so everything is continuing to turn colors.

some are beginning to fall

some are still hangin' on...

It's just so gorgeous out there!  Okay one more...  It's over-exposed, and take with my cell phone from out at the lake on the weekend.  Everything is so loose and lush right now as the grasses are going to seed.  I don't recall summer being THIS long ever.  This is taken facing the lake, and I wanted to remember it because it's calling me to stitch it some day.  (There is a faint horizon, but I set the phone to very bright to capture the true colors of the foreground which I am interested in...)

I am sure that to you it looks boring and sad after those BRIGHT red leaves... but this was so soft and pretty when I was there.  It really caught my eye.  The kids couldn't stop touching it!

And now for the new gadget!  I found these chalk leds at Periwinkle's (our local quilt shop).  It only came in white, however I bought them and tried them out in a mechanical pencil, and as the photo shows:  WOW.

For some reason, white chalk pencils crack and crumble every time I try to sharpen them.  THESE are fabulous.  I was told they are new.  I hope they come in different colors to mark on white fabric.  I love that I am able to always have a clean line without needing to resharpen!  Sweet.

Oh!  Good news!  My littlest's kindergarten was changed from mornings to afternoons, so I get to go to the afternoon and evening guild programs all year round without needing a sitter!  Woohoo!  That means I get TWO guild meetings today.  : ) How happy am I?

Happy Monday


Poppyprint said...

That chalk 'lead' does look cool! I have a multicoloured version of chalk leads, but they are much chubbier. These fine ones would be great! Hi Kerri!!! I like your fall photos...mine would just be soggy.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

wow, great tip about the chalk! I will have to get some too.
Might see you tonight at guild :)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Great photos (like always) and the chalk stuff if pretty cool! Happy guilding!!

Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

I love mechanical pencils. Thanks for the heads up about the new chalk leads. I'll have to look for some. Your fall leaves are ahead of us this year but we're having great late summer weather too!

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