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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday @ TN&TN

I'm working!  I'm working!  I have been doing so much 'paperwork' (ie: computer documents) it's incredible.  I finished my article for A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.  That's one important deadline completed!  Break out the bubbly!  I filled out application forms and guild membership forms.  I wrote out the tutorial for my guest post at 3CS, which is coming up very soon.  I will blog when it happens so you can go see.  My thing will be threadsketching.  I have yet to add all the photos and maybe a video.  It's a lot of work!  : )

I have my project well under way for the big show!  Flo at Butterfly Quilting was sweet enough to bring me some patterns to pick from.  I found a great one!  Thank you Flo!


I copied out the pieces so I wouldn't wreck hers.  I used gift bag tissue paper.  Why not?  I also had to add over and inch and a half of waist length.  This is a big learning curve folks!  Remember, I can't follow a pattern!

using my window as a light box

That's all I can show you there!  I am documenting it so I can post it all later (when my hands are recovering).  Smart hey!?  I finished this and finally got a half decent photo of it.  That was no easy task.  With all the colors in there and even good day lighting, something kept registering funny and messing up the hues.  So I tried a technique I had heard of before.  I laid a greyscale paper on the side of the piece, lined up the camera, focused, and then removed the grey paper before snapping the shot.  It worked!  Brilliant.

Bloom, complete.  2011

I'm also preparing for the online course Embroidery, Embellish, Create by Karen Ruane in the UK.  I am so excited!  We just got our supply list from her and I'm getting it all together.  It's all white on white embroidery including cutwork and cross stitch...  (yessss).  Can you believe a guild friend of mine here in Saskatoon is signed up too?  We'll have to present our finished projects to the guild for show and tell I think!   Just look what this fabulous woman does!

Karen Ruane's photo of her work, blogged with permission

Her class begins Monday.  My postcards class at Bernie's is set for Sunday, Sept 18th. There are a few spots left if you would like to try your hand at quilted postcards.  Just email me.  mysweetprairie@gmail.com
Speaking of which, look what arrived in my mailbox from PostcardCottage!  Thank you so much Heather P. of Mississauga, Ontario. : )

"My Favorite Place" postcard from Heather P.

No Jesica's Quilt?  No Jesica's Quilt.  I dislike my quilting and am pulling out a lot of stitches.  I will post after I redo it!  :(  Linking to The Needle and Thread Network...  come join if it fits!


See you tomorrow!


Ellie said...

My but you are a busy lady. Can hardly keep up with you. Lol.
Your bloom work is lovely, the flowers are beautiful. Karen's work is wonderful, enjoy your course.

Letterpress said...

I'm a little slow on my WIP comments, but I'm happy to see that you settled on a name for your meadow piece: "Bloom." Perfect. And I'll be interested to see what the dress making yields!

Elizabeth E.

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