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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

Aaaah it's been a hot and windy few days with calm quiet cool nights.  I love the end of summer.  There is something magical about the changing of the seasons.  I LOVE the wind.  I love the noise the leaves make in the gusts.  It reminds me of waves rolling in at the lake.  The air is different.  This is my favorite kind of day, so I will redirect you to a post I made last summer.


I love this post:



Bee said...

I too love the changing of the seasons and the end of summer. I love that first hint of coolness in the wind. But, I have a few months to wait yet.....

My Sweet Prairie said...

: ) Our autumn winds are still hot and come in gusts. I love them so much! The nights cool off now though.

Bernie said...

Funny - I'm not fond of the wind. I am a sun and moon light person. The wind can be so harsh - especially out here. I remember the hot dry winds of my southern sask childhood and we have had several of those out here. One of them on a day I rode home from the city!! I've never thought about capturing the wind in photos - I always focus on the sunlight!

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